Trust Bank Limited:

Trust Bank Limited is one of the leading private commercial bank with a network of 39 branches across Bangladesh. The bank, sponsored by the Army Welfare Trust (AWT), is the first of its kind in the country. With a wide range of modern corporate and consumer financial products, Trust Bank has been operating in Bangladesh since 1999 and has achieved public confidence as a sound and stable bank. In addition to conventional banking, the bank also offers Islamic Banking services. The bank is listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange.

Given the scarcity of mutual funds in the Bangladesh stock market, Trust Bank has decided to sponsor the largest-ever mutual fund, Trust Bank 1st Mutual Fund. The Bank also realizes that mutual fund is the need of the hour to make our stock market more vibrant and efficient – furthermore Trust Bank 1st Mutual Fund will expand the bank’s product offerings to clients. In order to efficiently launch Trust Bank 1st Mutual Fund, the Bank has appointed RACE Management, a second-generation asset management company that has already made its mark in the local market by successfully launching the first-ever commercial bank sponsored mutual fund, EBL First Mutual Fund.